Her Impact

Presented by

Mount Saint Vincent University

In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Mount St Vincent University presents the HER Impact program—a remarkable initiative that embodies the values of empowerment and leadership. As a tribute to this milestone, the university is offering 1,000 young women and women in leadership the opportunity to attend this extraordinary event at no cost.

Through this program, Mount St Vincent University honors its legacy by investing in the advancement of women and recognizing their vital role in shaping society. By removing financial barriers and providing free access to the event, the university ensures that 1,000 deserving women have the chance to participate, learn, and be inspired by the wisdom and experiences of influential leaders such as Mrs Obama.

The HER Impact program is a testament to Mount St Vincent University’s dedication to promoting women’s leadership and creating opportunities for growth and development. By amplifying the voices and contributions of women, the program serves as a catalyst for positive change and encourages a more inclusive and equitable future for Atlantic Canada and beyond.